What Are The Best Banks In Ohio? Here’s A Complete List Of The Best Ranked Banks In Ohio 2023

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This article features a complete list of the best banks in Ohio and everything you need to know about them.

You might wonder, “What’s the need for knowing about the best banks in Ohio?” Banks are just banks, right? Wrong.

It is a known fact that the state of Ohio boasts the crème de la crème of the banking sector and during this read, you will understand why banks in Ohio cannot and should not be underrated.

Making the choice of the ideal bank to secure your monetary property and carry out financial dealings should not be taken for granted.

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The state is well regarded as a business-savvy state with a very good economy. It offers its residents numerous opportunities and benefits. So it is no surprise the state excels in banking.

Hence, it’s important to have all the information about the top banks to get the best experience and services possible.

How Many Banks Does Ohio Have?

Ohio ranks third-highest in the States with over 230 banks dispersed across all cities with everything ranging from national to regional and local banks.

TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY!!! That’s incredible. You certainly cannot lack options with such a large variety of alternatives.

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The Top 7 Best Banks In Ohio Presently

Let’s delve fully into the best banks in Ohio and what they are all about. All the banks that will be looked at have convenient and countless locations, offer loan services, great savings options and better interest rates.

The banks listed have been picked based on the rubric below:

  • Number of branches available
  • Minimum deposits
  • Type of accounts operated
  • Services provided

Without further ado, in no particular order, let’s list the best banks in Ohio for checking accounts and small businesses:

  1. Huntington National Bank

It was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1866. In 215 various Ohio cities and villages, the bank operates more than 450 offices. The minimum deposit is $0.

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The bank essentially provides 3 types of checking accounts, basic, standard and premium. You can conduct online banking, mobile check deposit, and online bill payments with any of these accounts.

If you are utilizing their free basic checking account, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs. If your amount is greater than $25,000, the $25 fee for a premium account may be waived.

Find out more here

  1. Civista Bank

This is currently one of Ohio’s best-rated banks. It is dedicated to aiding its account owners in achieving their financial ambitions.

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Civista primarily gives personal, business and wealth management services. They also offer a myriad of savings and checking accounts, giving it tremendous value for customers.

There is no minimum balance required and a monthly maintenance cost of $7, if desired, gives a free checkbook annually.

Click here for more info.

  1. Woodforest National Bank

With 78 offices in 72 cities across Ohio and more than 700 across 17 states in the US, this bank is to be reckoned with.

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They provide a variety of checking accounts, personal loans, mortgages, credit cards and savings accounts. The minimum deposit is $25.

However, it is preferable to reach the $200 barrier as soon as possible because doing so will result in the cancellation of the monthly service fee of $3.

To learn more about the bank, click here.

  1. US Bank

This bank provides the finest option for joint checking accounts. With over 250 branches scattered around 142 Ohio communities, it is very easy to locate.

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If you have an average daily balance of more than $1500, the bank will waive the maintenance costs on your savings and checking accounts.

They also provide platforms for internet banking, mobile, check deposits and bill payments.

Find out more about the bank here.

  1. PNC Bank

This is an excellent alternative for students in Ohio. The bank has over 290 branches in various communities and villages throughout the state

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The minimum deposit is $25. Student loans and credit cards can be obtained. Students also have the option of a Virtual Wallet Student Account, a unique account which has no fees for the following six years.

Once the six years are up, the account will be changed to a normal Virtual Wallet Account with a monthly fee of $7, but this can be avoided if your daily balance is up to $500.

Discover more here.

  1. Key Bank

The minimum deposit is $0 for checking accounts and $10 for saving accounts. They boast over 200 branches in 120 cities in Ohio and 1200 more offices in 15 states, making them one of the best-ranked banks in Ohio.

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The bank offers a decent customer support system that can be accessed through a variety of methods. In addition, monthly fees for a savings account are lower.

The sole disadvantage is the offering of poor rates on savings accounts. Overdrafts might be costly at times.

To know more, click here.

  1. Park National Bank

PNB cannot be ignored in the conversation for the best banks in Ohio. It is a subsidiary of PNC Bank. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), they have a superb consumer satisfaction rating.

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They offer a full range of services to individuals including varieties of checking accounts, health savings, and money market, as well as home and business loans.

A savings account has a minimum deposit of $50 and no monthly maintenance costs after you have up to $250.

For more information on the bank, click here.

In Conclusion

The state of Ohio provides varying top-of-the-pile banking institutions not restricted to the ones listed above. Other great banks exist but are not limited to Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank and First Financial Bank. There are a lot of options to choose from.

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Written by Emmanuel Okiya.

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