Jason Lang Scholarship: Requirements And How To Apply In 2023

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Jason Lang scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship program in Canada that has the value of $1000. In this post, you will learn about the requirements and how to apply for it.

April 28, 1999, marks the day the Jason Lang scholarship was founded in remembrance of a 17 years old boy that died from a school shooting in Columbine high school, Alberta.

From inception of the scholarship till now Alberta post-secondary students have benefited from the scholarship program year in year out, as the program is not just aimed at sorting out the financial needs of students but also to encourage them in their pursuit of higher undergraduate degrees and professional programs.

How Do I Qualify For Jason Long Scholarship?

To qualify for Jason long scholarship, you must

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  1. Reside permanently in Canada, Canadian citizen or protected person.
  2. Be an Alberta resident. (That is, you/your parents/partner must have been residing in Alberta for 12 consecutive months before starting your post-secondary studies)
  3. Have attended a participating post-secondary educational institution in Alberta.
  4. Have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.2 in a 4.0 scale based on a 80% full course load or greater in the previous terms.
  5. Be enrolled full-time in second year or subsequent year for undergraduate study in post-secondary publicly funded institution located in Alberta.
  6. Not be a recipient of Louise Mckinney scholarship program.
  7. Not be enrolled in a one year certificate program.
  8. Not have been a recipient of 3 Jason Lang scholarships.

How To Apply For Jason Lang Scholarship 2023

Student Awards Office of participating post-secondary institutions nominate students who meet the eligibility requirements listed above for Jason Lang scholarship program. Order of filling application form;

  1. Get the application form (download from the link below)
  2. Print the form out since you would be submitting offline.
  3. Fill in your personal, citizenship and residency information.
  4. Fill in your post-secondary institution enrolment information.
  5. Fill in the information from your previous academic year and sign were needed.
  6. Review your form after filling it out to ensure you have provided correct information, in the case of mistakes you can always print out another form and fill accurately.
  7. Submit your application for to the Students Awards Office at your educational institution.

APPLICATION LINK: To apply for the scholarship, download and fill the form HERE.

Jason Lang Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a convention refugee eligible for Jason Lang scholarship?

Yes, you are eligible for Jason Lang scholarship, but first you must provide a copy of a valid protected persons status document (PPSD) which would have an expiry date on it (usually 2 years from issue date) and must be valid for the entire period of study. You must also provide a copy of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) card showing the 900 series SIN number. The SIN card must have an expiring date and valid for the whole period of study. Alberta Student Number (ASN) also required.

  1. What programs are eligible?

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs or professionals such as Law, Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Pharmacy or Dentistry at a participating educational institution in Alberta. The post-secondary program must have a minimum of two years in length or greater. Students pursuing Masters and Doctorate degrees are not eligible

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  1. What are the participating educational institutions?

The following is a list of Alberta post-secondary institutions that are eligible to nominate students for Jason Lang scholarship.

Public funded colleges:

  • Alberta College of Art and Designs.
  • Medicine Hat College
  • Bow Valley College
  • Mount Royal University
  • Grandie Prairie Regional College
  • NorQuest College
  • Keyano College
  • Northern Lakes College
  • Lake Land College.
  • Lethbridge College
  • MacEwan University.
  • Olds College
  • Portage College.
  • Red Deer College.

Technical Institutes:

  • SAIT


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  • Athabasca University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Calgary.
  • University of Lethbridge

Private universities accredited to grant degrees:

  • Ambrose University College
  • Canadian University College
  • Concordia University College of Alberta
  • DeVry Institute of Technology- Calgary
  • The King’s University College
  • St Mary’s University College
  1. How many Jason Lang scholarship can I receive?

You are allowed to be a recipient of Jason Lang scholarship for a maximum of three times. If you are nominated for the fourth time you will be informed of your ineligibility by Alberta scholarship program.

  1. I was nominated for Jason Lang scholarship but I deferred my studies, can I claim the scholarship at a later date?

The scholarship cannot be deferred, you must claim the scholarship immediately in the next academic year.

  1. I know I qualify to be nominated for the scholarship, how do I check if I was nominated?

Confirm your status from your Student Awards Office.

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  1. How long does it take to receive the Jason Lang scholarship?

It would take 30 days to receive the scholarship. Payment would be made December for the fall term (for nominations received by October 15 deadline) and March for the winter term (for nominations received by February 15 deadline).

  1. Can I receive both Louise McKinney and Jason Lang scholarship in the same academic year?

The Louise McKinney scholarship is worth about $2500 and you cannot receive more than that amount in the same academic year.

Normally the award office would nominate students for Louise McKinney scholarship and Jason Lang scholarship separately. But in rare circumstance that a student gets nominated for both scholarships, the award office would make the scholarship for Louise McKinney scholarship to be $1500 and the Jason Lang scholarship being $1000, all together the total amount would not be more than $2500 for the academic year.

  1. If I qualify, when does the Student Awards Office submit my name?

Your post-secondary institution must send the list of their fall nominations to the Alberta scholarship program by October 15 and winter nominations by February 15.

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  1. I was nominated but I’ve not received my Cheque for more than a month

If you were among the winners but your payment is still pending, you might want to exercise little patience before contacting the Alberta scholarship board.

If delay lingers, contact Alberta scholarship program either by phone (780) 427-8640 or by email at scholarships@gov.ab.ca

In Summary

From 1999 to date students in Alberta post-secondary institutions have enjoyed the Jason Lang scholarship grant to help cushion the weight of educational expenses and to serve as motivation for pursuing their chosen careers.

Confirm your Eligibility and apply today to be a benefactor of the Jason Lang scholarship!

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