CPA Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide

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Today I’m going to give a full cpa affiliate marketing tutorial, how to make thousands of dollars a day with cost per acquisition marketing.

I’m going to describe everything I do. And I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I’ve made a living online using cost per acquisition marketing and you’re going to see exactly how you can begin.

I’m going to show you some examples how to get traffic, how to set this up properly so that you can also build a business at the same time. This is exactly how I’ve built my business online.

A lot of people are already aware of the amount of money that can be made using cost per acquisition marketing, you can now be part of that by following everything I’ll show you in this article.

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What Is Cost Per Acquisition CPA Marketing?

“Basically, cost per acquisition or CPA marketing is just a different way of affiliate marketing where you get paid to get people to commit an action online.”

For instance, you get people to sign up for a lead form, get a quote for their auto insurance or try something for free without entering a credit card yet you still get paid a commission.

There are also offers where you can get somebody to just enter an email address and you would get paid a small commission. These are often called sweepstakes offers and all you need do is just to run traffic to the email submit offer.

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Interestingly, there’s a whole bunch of different types of offers available as a cost per acquisition or cost per action affiliate and the fancy word for this is called performance marketing.

All of these networks out there (cpa affiliate networks) call themselves performance marketing networks or CPL affiliate networks. The CPL here is “cost per lead”.

There’s cost per action, cost per install etc. All of these are bundled in the same industry which is performance marketing and this is where a lot of affiliate marketers focus their time on.

They buy traffic to landing pages and either collect leads for themselves or for other companies and they get paid very decent commissions to do so.

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For example you can earn up to 50 dollars just for getting somebody to fill in a form online and I’m going to show you where you can get those forms, where you can get those offers and how you can do all of that. I’m going to show you exactly how to set this all up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know about them through the comment section below this post. I’ll respond to them as soon as I see them.

How To Get Started As A CPA Affiliate Marketer

Here is how to start a career in CPA affiliate marketing:

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1. Sign Up With A CPA Network

To get started, you need to first sign up with a CPA network like Maxbounty.

Maxbounty network is a network that is very popular among new affiliates especially.

They have a training course available for beginners which you can take advantage of. However, know that I am  just using this as a typical example of what a cpa affiliate network is.

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Maxbounty is well known they are seen on many YouTube videos showing offers that are available on their platform.

You can either work with a cpa affiliate marketing network such as max bounty or you can work directly with the advertisers.

So a cpa network basically brings together advertisers which are otherwise known  as product owners (the people that actually own the lead forms or actually own the products that are being sold). Those are the advertisers. We are affiliates but also called publishers. Keep that in mind.

If you are coming to a cpa affiliate network, you are signing up as an affiliate which is also called a publisher, you’re going to fill out the publisher application.

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After that, the application will go through their entire process which usually takes two to five days on most cpa affiliate networks.

2. Have Your Site Ready

If you are a complete newbie and you have absolutely no experience, then it’s very important that you do some initial ground work first.

First of all, you should already have a niche website built. You should also have information about the industry how to set up a proper landing page that converts.

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You can look up how to build a website or blog on Google and then have your website built.

Make sure that you’re not trying to be shady here. Make sure it’s a nice website and something that you know when the people review your website they’ll actually approve your cpa network account.

3.  Be Sincere About Your Intentions And Work Honestly

Many people usually try and trick the networks to approve their account. It doesn’t work that way.

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It is extremely easy to detect when somebody’s trying to lie to you. So during signup, don’t say that you make a ton of money (don’t lie). Just tell them the truth if you’re just starting out but at the same time be professional and say things that you know you think will get you accepted.

So make sure if they’re asking you about traffic sources say “look I’m looking to learn how to buy Facebook ads or google ads or Bing ads”

4. Don’t Ever Use A VPN To Access The Platform

If the affiliate network you want to signup is not available in your country, check online for other options. Don’t ever use a VPN or virtual private network or anything like that when you’re trying to access these platforms because they can detect that. Prove to them you are legit without using VPN.

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5. Use An Email Address Linked To Your Website

Make sure you use an email address that is linked to your website to signup. Not Gmail, not outlook or anything like that. Use an email address like

That way, they know that the website you’ve submitted is yours because you wouldn’t be able to have that email if you didn’t actually own the website. It’s one last step they need to take to try and detect if you are a real person that wants to really actively work with them.

The reason why they’re so tight is because there’s so much fraud in this industry. There’s so many affiliates out there that think they can come into these networks and just start filling out forms and filling out email submits and getting paid.

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Trust me, there’s so much software, so many detection teams in place.

There are teams of people – compliance teams that are watching you every single second as soon as you come in there and start blasting a bunch of conversions. You are under the radar. They are watching you so make sure you have legit traffic. And if you don’t know how to do that yet then don’t worry, there’s going to be some information about that here.

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6. Understand The Traffic Types Your Network Allows

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend you take time studying the traffic types your network allows. A lot of these offers have rules in place that you need to follow when you’re running traffic to them.

Some of the most popular types of traffic are:

Contextual Ads

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Some networks allow contextual ads, which is basically popovers or popunders in-text ads.

Display Ads

Display Ads are mainly banner images or google display ads. Stuffs like that.

Search Ads

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Search ads here would be Bing, Google, Yahoo and so on.

Social Traffic

Most networks also allow social media traffic from platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Many times the ones that are blocked out are either because they’re having so much success and they don’t want to compete with their affiliates or because they just don’t want that kind of traffic.

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For instance email and incentive traffic are high-risk traffic sources. Many affiliates abuse that type of traffic so that’s why they’re usually blocked on most offers.

I wouldn’t even recommend going into email or incentive traffic as a serious cpa affiliate marketer.

The biggest affiliates in the world are using Facebook and Google Ads. Those are the two biggest traffic sources in the world and that’s why most of the people running them are usually the biggest affiliates in the world as well.

There’s lots of stuff that you need to know about Facebook ads in particular, it doesn’t necessarily work extremely well with cpa affiliate offers. Unless of course you know how to get your ads approved and get your your campaigns active without getting banned for being too aggressive. So don’t just go and start firing up ads on Facebook if you aren’t familiar with how it works.

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Google Ads again takes a little bit of practice. You need to have a very high quality website to get google traffic.

This is where native ads and push ads are taking over for affiliate marketers. Especially new affiliate marketers who are looking to start making money quickly with paid traffic.

Push ad networks such as Rich Push or Propeller Ads also work extremely well.

With super cheap traffic like penny clicks, you can get penny clicks to your landing pages. You can do penny clicks direct linking to cpa affiliate or email submit offers. They work really well for sweepstakes.

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Others you can try are Outbrain, Mgid, Revcontent etc.

7. Get To Know The EPC Of The Network

The network epc is another important metric that you need to understand. This is the earnings per click for every single time somebody on the network clicks so on average.

The network sees all these clicks coming to this offer and on average it’s paying out some cents or dollar per click to affiliates which is a good indicator of whether or not the offer is converting well.

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A higher epc means it’s a better offer. A lower epc either means nobody’s running it or it’s just not a great converter so you can actually skip the ones with extremely low epc.

Always look out for the highest paying verticals in your niche so as to earn more profits at the end of the day.

The great part of it all is that there’s  really lots of opportunities for you to earn more as a cpa affiliate marketer.

8. Setup A Tracking Tool

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The main essence of setting up a tracking tool is to monitor your progress. You need to keep an eye on your offers and traffic. See which ones are working and which ones are not.

Now to integrate tracking into this so that  you can start split testing your landing pages, you’ll need to use a third-party tracking tool.

You can start with the free tools online and then upgrade to paid versions after your first paycheck. It’s also great if you are starting out as an affiliate as a cpa affiliate and have the funds for pro versions of such tools. What it means is  that basically you can just run a ton of traffic right away and see  how it goes.

So investing some money into a tracking solution is definitely a good idea if the funds are available.

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9.  Stick To A Strategy That Works For You

So now what is the next step after you’ve found a CPA affiliate network and have gotten accepted?

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You have also found an offer that you think is going to convert like crazy.

What do you do?

Do you send traffic directly to the offer? Do you set up a funnel or a landing page first?

Well, I can tell you. There are many different strategies and that is the purpose of this guide.

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But generally speaking the best way to begin is to build a landing page, set up tracking, then send traffic to the landing page.

There are many different types of landing pages. You may need to watch a video on YouTube to see a whole lot of them.

You may also need to get a tool specifically for building landing pages quickly or have some professional web designer do it for you.

Now after that, you start experimenting as much as you can. You can run campaigns like “25 day keto challenge” on Facebook where you do complete traffic campaigns to collect leads first into your funnel before you start sending people to the cpa affiliate offers.

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Now once you have the email subscribers, of course you can start emailing them even more cpa affiliate offers and it just keeps snowballing. That’s how you build a profitable email list.

The basic thing here once you are ready to go is to keep experimenting different ideas until you figure out what exactly works for you.

If you find out the traffic sources I listed here are not for you, you can do your research and see which ones work for you too. For instance Content Ad network. is another very popular native ads platform. You can go in there, sign up, deposit probably 100 bucks and you can start running ads immediately.

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You can even pick out these top placements and start targeting just those placements. That’s how you do it. Very simple strategy. But like I said, figure out what works for you and stick to it.

Final Words On CPA Affiliate Marketing

Remember that from the beginning of this guide, I said CPA affiliate marketing or cost per action affiliate marketing, allows you to get to people to commit an action online and get paid for it. That’s basically the shortest and simplest way to explain it.

You can get started as a newbie by following the step by step guidelines in this article and start earning in the long run.

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While I recommend you do this, also know you may not have a 100% conversion from day one. CPA affiliate marketing is not really a get rich quick scheme. That takes time to happen. But you can be rest assured that if you follow the formula here, there’s no way you won’t be making 20%, 50% and 100% ROI in the long run.

If you have any question and feel like you need to talk to someone as you progress, feel free to get back to this post and ask your question here. Don’t get stuck along the way. Once I see the questions, I’ll respond to them as soon as I can.

I hope you find your feet soon and create a profitable online business out of this.

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