Brighter Future Scholarship USA: Requirements And Application Guide 2023

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In this guide, we’ll be talking about Brighter Future Scholarship Program in USA, its requirements and application process.

Financial difficulties can really be an insurmountable roadblock on the way to a student’s academic success. But for this issue, many people in different parts of the world who ended up as illiterates may have been otherwise.

One of the ways this problem is being tackled efficiently is the provision of scholarship opportunities, by the government, individuals, organizations, and so on. Here we take a look at Bright Future scholarship, one of the scholarship options available for an area of the US.

About Brighter Future Scholarship

In an effort to keep the brightest and best Florida High School Graduate in the state, in 1997, the Florida Bright Future Scholarship Program was birthed by the Florida legislature. The program also created a reward system for students for their academic achievements in their high school.

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It is a merit based award, like almost all other scholarship opportunities around.

There are three levels of scholarship award in the Brighter Future Scholarship Program. They are; FMS (Florida Medallion Scholars) FAS (Florida Academic Scholars) and GSV (Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars)

FAS award is $212.7 per credit hour, FMS is $159.53, while GSV is $44 per credit hour.

The Brother Future Scholarship has given more than $3.2 billion since inception in about more than 1.5 million awards.

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Requirements And Eligibility Criteria

For a student to be considered for the bright future scholarship program, here are the qualifications and requirements he/she must meet.

  • The individual must be resident in Florida, (even if the parents are not), and must be a US citizen or a an eligible non-citizen
  • Must not have been convicted of felony
  • Must have met the academic criteria for the award such as enrolling or been enrolled for 6 credit hours per semester at least, earn a diploma or from an high school in Florida or its equivalent, and so on. Also, you need to have the required minimum test score (SAT/ACT) for the award which you wish to qualify.
  • Must submit a free application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA). This is a new requirement and it is for financial data collection on the recipients and their families.
  • Another new requirement is that students must complete some community service hours, depending on which of the three levels of the scholarship they are going for. For GSV, it is 30 hours, FMS, it is 75 hours, and FAS is 100 hours.

How To Apply For A Brighter Future Scholarship

To be considered for Florida Brighter Future Scholarship, you must complete the Florida Financial Aid Application during your last year in high school.

This application must be error free and timely.  It must be before graduation during your last year in high school, if not, even all future eligibility to apply will be forfeited.

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The application can be done online at

It must be submitted not later than 31st of August.

After the above, you take your SAT or ACT and send your scores over to any University or College so it can be received by Florida Education Department which reviews Bright Future Scholarship Applications.

Next is official high school transcripts submission, and this is automatically done by many institutions. Checking to see if additional steps are needed is not a bad idea though.

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Then make sure to keep the information in your Bright Future account updated as much as required as new data is made available. You also get to track your application process.

Final Words On Brighter Future Scholarship

Brighter Future scholarship requirements may be strict, but it’s not insurmountable. Make sure to do all you need to perfectly well to make your application stand out. And while you are at it, don’t forget to share this piece to help someone.

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